Concerti for Piano with Percussion Orchestra Vol. II 

Featuring pianist Eunmi Ko and the MPG. Five outstanding composers have been

commissioned for this project. Release TBA.

Plot: Music for Unspecified Instrumentation

Produced with composer Stuart Saunders Smith, featuring some of the most unique works

in the history of the American Avant-garde.

(Ravello RR7916, released January 2016)

Plugged and Unplugged: The Music of Ciro Scotto

Featuring Corey Harvin, guitar.

(Ravello Records/Distributed by Naxos/I-tunes RR7898)

Also includes works by John Cage and Dan Senn.

Vanguards Volume 2: MPG performs Mel Mobly’s Plez…

Compendium CD which also includes the
Boston Musica, Kiev Philharmonic,. Seattle Symphony, London Symphony, and

the McCormick Percussion Group.

(Ravello RR7902, digital only release. Distributed by Naxos, available on iTunes and Amazon etc)

USF Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall

Robert McCormick and Lee Hinkle performing the world premiere of Double Percussion Concerto by Baljinder Sekhon.  John Carmichael conductor. 

(Mark Custom Recordings)

Fine Tune

(Calvin Falwell, Bass Clarinet)

Featuring the USF Percussion Ensemble and others.

(Potenza Music #PM1041)

Vanguards Vol. I: MPG performs Chihchun Lee’s Quartet for Mallets

Compendium CD with MPG & others including the London Symphony.

(Ravello, digital only release. Naxos Music Library and Classics on Line RR7892)

Solo for Soprano with Percussion Orchestra 

Featuring soprano Jamie Jordan with works by Baljinder Sekhon, Matt Barber and Jean Barraqué.

(Ravello Records RR 7884. Distributed by Naxos. January 2014)

**Winner of three 2014 Global Music Awards

The Percussion Music of Max Lifchitz

Full CD featuring the music of Max Lifchitz,

with solo percussionists Jacob Dike and Beran Harp)

(North/South Recordings, distributed Naxos N/S R 1059

Ars Nostra plays Max Lifchitz  

Featuring USF Music Faculty

(North/South Recordings, dist.Naxos. N/S R 1058)

Concerti for Piano with Percussion Orchestra

Featuring Korean pianist Ji Hyun Kim with the McCormick Percussion Group

(Ravello/distributed by Naxos/I-tunes RR7862)

Concerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra  

Featuring some of the world’s finest artists with the McCormick Percussion Group 

(Ravello/distributed by Naxos/I-tunesRR7820)

**Winner of 2012 Global Music Award

McDuo - McCormick Duo Flute/Percussion

(Ravello/distributed by Naxos/iTunes #RR7814)

Music of Gui Sook Lee

(Ravello Records #RR7810/Distributed by Naxos; I-tunes)


Music for Keyboard Percussions
Premier recordings with composers  Sven-David Sandstrom, Stuart Saunders Smith, Daniel Adams, 

Chihchun Lee, Michael Timpson. (Ravello/Naxos/I-tunes)

Culture samples: Concerti for Flute with Percussion Orchestra

Capstone Records CPS-8802

Tympanium Ubiquitous

Robert McCormick performs his award winning solo “Portraits of a Waltz”.
HoneyRock Publishing HRCD005

Pipes and Drums: New Concerti for Unusual Instruments
Robert McCormick performs the Daniel Adams’ “Concerto for Timpani and Winds”.

Capstone Records: CPS-8801

The Music of Eun Hye Park

Full CD featuring the music of this outstanding Korean composer.

Capstone 8782

The Music of Drew Krause

Featuring the music of this NYC-based innovative composer.
Capstone CPS-8780


Marimba Concerti with Percussion Orchestra

Featuring some of the finest marimba works in the genre.
Capstone CPS-8775

Bonk Smell the Future. 

Bonk Records: BMF 114


Howard J. Buss: Modern Times

Full CD featuring works by Florida composer Howard Buss.

Capstone Records CPS-8735. or

McCormick Duo: Twilight Remembered

Including works by Paul Bissell, Elliot Carter, Andre Jolivet, Ralph Shapey, David Heuser,

Henri Lazarof, Hilton Jones, Wesley Fuller, Howard Buss, Kent Kennan,

Daniel Adams (including “Silver Set” with the USF Percussion Ensemble)
Capstone Records CPS-8721. Digital reissue- Ravello Records       

Bonk 2003 

Robert McCormick conducts the USF Percussion Ensemble:

“Drain” by Drew Kraus and “Civlizaciones” by Ricardo del Ferra.

Unmistakably Modern

(Corey Jane Holt, piano)

USF Percussion Ensemble performs on “Corey Jane’s Polka”.

Blue Pearl Records.       

Shadow on Mist

Featuring the music of Daniel Adams:

Robert McCormick performs the Isoryhthm Concerto with Wind Ensemble and

conducts the McCormick Percussion Group
Capstone CPS-8705; <>

Bonk 2002

Robert McCormick conducts: “Just Give US Czechoslovakia and We’ll Die Happy Men” by Eric Lyon, 

and “aRound the cOrner” by Hideo Kawamoto. 


Paul Reller: The Big Vibration

Robert McCormick conducts “Snowflake” by Paul Reller

Sounds Bounty. SB-01.

Time Grown Old by Hilton Jones

Conducted by Robert McCormick

Bacchanal Bay records BB2001.

Bonk 2001

Robert McCormick conducts USF Percussion Ensemble featuring “Ding” by Drew Kraus.

Future Flute with Margaret Lancaster

Robert McCormick conducts the USF Percussion Ensemble:

“Once A Thon” by David Rogers.

Sounds Bounty, Inc. No. SB001.

Bonk Thy Neighbor

Robert McCormick conducts the USF Percussion Ensemble:

“Corey Jane’s Polka” by Paul Reller, and “First of July” by Drew Kraus.

Bonk Festival of New Music. No. BFM069.

Spank Me! It’s Contemporary Classical Music. No. BFM058.

Bonk Music From the Festival

Robert McCormick conducts the USF Percussion Ensemble; 

“Phoenix Aeolis: ReVariations” by David Rogers.

No. BFM047.

Premiers Vol.1

Robert McCormick conducts the USF Percussion Ensemble:

“Black Magic Flute” by Paul Reller, “Crackhead” by Robert Constable, “Timecraft” by Hilton Jones,

“Dr. Time” by James Lewis,“Salty Fish Flesh” by Brian Benscoter, and “Mysterious Exit” by Howard Buss.




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